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Bedrock Layout Primitives

Foundational Layout Primitives for your React App


Bedrock Layout Primitives are the foundational layout primitives your app or design system needs to satisfy almost any of your layout needs. Bedrock Layout Primitives are built on a few important principals:

  1. Components should have a single responsibility, i.e. they do one thing and they do it well
  2. More complicated layouts are achieved through the composition of these components
  3. Components should be built with modern CSS in mind while maintaining support for older browsers through progressive enhancement

Zero Config

Bedrock Layout Primitives are built using a CSS-in-JS library called styled-components. This allows all the components to be dropped into any app with no extra setup.

Getting Started

  1. Install styled-components
  2. Read and follow the docs of any of the components, such as the Stack component
  3. Play around with the interactive examples.