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Spacing Constants

Spacing constants are the standard by which all spacing and layout decisions are made in the Bedrock Layout Primitives. Generally speaking, you won't typically need to pull these in to your App Directly since the Layout Primitives already implement them, but these do exist incase you ever need the raw values.

The spacing is built simply on 1rem as the starting mid point and then doubling the value at each step above and halfing the value each step below. This comes down to the following spacings: 0, 0.125rem, 0.25rem, 0.5rem, 1rem, 2rem, 4rem. Each one of these spacing points are then named based on t-shirt size or none, xs, sm, md, lg, xl, and xxl respectively.

For the breakpoints, we are adopting the foundation breakpoint values. All values are given in rems. There are two types of constants, single value and range values. medium, large, xlarge, and xxlarge are intended communicate that size or smaller. The constants are smallOnly, mediumOnly, largeOnly, and xlargeOnly and will be an array with the first value being the lowerbound and the second value being the upperbound;.


import { spacing, breakpoints } from '@bedrock-layout/spacing-constants';; //0.25rem
breakpoints.large; //64rem

Overriding the values

All of the Bedrock Layout Primitives are built using styled-components. In order to override the values of any or all of the constants, you can use the ThemeProvider to change the values. The ThemeProvider can be rendered at any level of the tree and will override the values at that point. Check out the docs for styled-components for more details on how it works

import { ThemeProvider } from 'styled-components';
const newSpacings = {
<ThemeProvider theme={{spacing:newSpacings}}>
<Stack gutter="sm">