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CSS Reset

A CSS Reset that compliments well with the Bedrock Layout Primitives

Another CSS Reset

I know there are several CSS Resets out there and one might ask why another one. This reset has been curated from a few resouces and has become my default reset for any project I do now. Though this reset is not required for Bedrock Layout Primitives, it does complement it nicely and I would highly recomend it.

How to install

To get the full benefit, you use the focus-visible polyfill. It's most easily used by installing from npm:

npm install focus-visible

If you plan on using the GlobalStyle component or the mixin, then you will need to install styled-components:

npm install styled-components

Then install the reset:

npm install @bedrock-layout/css-reset

Basic usage

CSS Mixin

The reset mixin is best used at the beginning of your global style

import { reset } from "@bedrock-layout/css-reset";
const GlobalStyles = createGlobalStyle`


The GlobalStyle component is used when you don't have your own global styles to use

import { GlobalStyles } from "@bedrock-layout/css-reset";
const App = () => {
return (
<GlobalStyles />
{/* The rest of the component */}

CSS Stylesheet

You can also just bring in the CSS Stylesheet directly from the lib folder:

import "@bedrock-layout/css-reset/lib/reset.css";


  • A Modern CSS Reset
  • Axioms
  • focus-visible explainer